About Us

We really love music!

What we also love is breaking out a record, kicking back with a beer, and putting on some cool scents to listen to those tunes in the perfect atmosphere  

We're pretty sure we aren't the only ones, so we thought we'd create something where you can pick up most of those lifestyle needs all in one place

There's a lot of cheap, flowery, vanilla candles, melts, and various scents out there. If you want something more premium, you are going to be paying quite a premium

The lack of cool masculine type scents is quite frightening, so we wanted to bring something to market that would cover that gap. More importantly, at affordable prices. That's not to say these are specifically targeted to a male audience though. We wanted to create something for everyone

We've worked very hard on what we think are a selection of scents that sit perfectly alongside some great tunes 

To quote the Joker ''Our operation is small, but there is a lot of potential for aggressive expansion''

We will continue to add plenty more products and categories as we grow, in order to create a full home lifestyle offering for you lovely folks!