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The Lightning Seeds - Tilt - Orange Vinyl - Pre Order 6/9/24

The Lightning Seeds - Tilt - Orange Vinyl - Pre Order 6/9/24

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This is a pre order title for release 6/9/24

1999’s Tilt was the fifth album from The Lightning Seeds.  The album features co-writes with Terry Hall, Stephen Jones and Mike Pickering and was produced by Simon Rogers with ‘Get It Right’ produced by Tim Simenon.  The album saw the band incorporate a more electronic sound and is home to the singles ‘Life’s Too Short’ and ‘Sweetest Soul Sensations’.

Available on vinyl for the first time in decades, on Orange vinyl.

  1. Life's Too Short
  2. Sweetest Soul Sensations
  3. If Only
  4. City Bright Stars
  5. I Wish I Was in Love
  6. Happy Satellite
  7. Get It Right
  8. Cigarettes & Lies
  9. Crowdpleaser
  10. Tales of the Riverbank
  11. Pussyfoot: Reprise
  12. All the Things

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